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£1.2m Compensation after Undiagnosed Tumour causes Growth Spurt

A woman, who grew to a height of 6ft 5ins because of an undiagnosed tumour, is reported to have received compensation of £1.2m.

Kate Woodward took legal action against Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust because of treatment she underwent at St James’s University Hospital and Leeds General Infirmary. Between October 2001 and September 2005, a tumour on her pituitary gland went undiagnosed and untreated.

The tumour caused a variety of health problems including excessive growth, bone abnormality and psychological issues. It caused Miss Woodward to grow to a height a 6ft 5ins and to a weight of 24 stone.

A Judge made a ruling in her case against the NHS Trust at the High Court in London yesterday. The Trust had already admitted negligence and accepted liability, but were contesting the amount of damages due.

Miss Woodward is reported to have been awarded £1.228m compensation despite arguments from the trust that the settlement should be under £700,000. The Judge ruled that the tumour had negatively affected her life, including stopping her dreams of becoming an actress. She is still said to struggle with the emotional and physical difficulties of her size. She also continues to have treatment for severe pain in her back and hips, and could need a wheelchair in later life.

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