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1 in 27 Children Injured or Killed on Britain’s Roads

A report released yesterday has revealed some shocking figures about the safety of children on Britain’s roads.

The figures – gathered by Road Safety Analysis Ltd. – show that location and background also have a bearing on child road safety. Some of the major points of the report are shown below.

– One in twenty seven children are killed or injured in road accidents

Over the course of 16 years – between the ages of 0-15 – one in 27 children will be injured or killed in a collision. With the average school class size in the UK being around 30, this means that on average one child in every class will suffer this fate.

– Over the course of a year one in every 427 children will be injured in a road smash

These figures are even more depressing when we delve into them. This reveals that children from families with low incomes are more likely to be involved in accidents. In total, kids from working class areas in the north west are five times more likely to be injured then their counterparts in Kensington and Chelsea.

The figures are based on five years of study and a total of 120,000 accidents. In incidents where the child was injured through no fault of their own, they are entitled to make child accident compensation claims, just as an adult is entitled to claim.

One good bit of news from the report however, was the news that children are much less likely to be injured on UK roads than adults.

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