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£1 Million Personal Injury Compensation Payout May be Too Low

A man who suffered brain damage in a tragic car accident looked set to be awarded £1 million in personal injury compensation. The judge for the case however, has stated that he feels that this amount may be too low.

Phil Parker suffered the injuries in a road traffic accident back in 2005. He was a back seat passenger in a car being driven along the A38. The driver of the car – former policeman James Storie – sadly died instantly after he lost control of the vehicle. Another passenger in the car, Sophie Hill also suffered brain injuries and unfortunately passed away after two years spent in a coma. Mr Parker was thrown from the vehicle into the road during the crash as he was not wearing his seatbelt.

Mr Parker was set to receive the million pound personal injury compensation payout yesterday but his case was dramatically adjourned at the High Court. This happened because the judge presiding over the case expressed his concern over the amount awarded, fearing that it was not enough. This was because the calculation used to determine the loss of future earnings was based on a job earning £20,000 a year that he had only been in for a month before the crash. Before that, he had just been made redundant from a £32,000 a year job. He expressed his belief that Mr Parker would have had the ability to earn the higher figure for the majority of his life if the accident had not taken place.

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