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£112k Compensation after Slip on Grapes Outside Shop

Compensation of £112,000 is reported to have been awarded after a woman slipped on grapes outside a shop.

Samira Hassan was injured in the fall back in 2005. The incident happened as she stopped to examine fruit that was for sale on tables outside a store in West London. However, whilst she was doing this she slipped on some grapes that had fallen on the pavement and had become mushy.

The slip caused Mrs Hassan to fall forward and suffer a serious injury. She broke both of her wrists in the fall, and the Daily Mail reports that she then sought slip compensation for her injuries.

She reportedly won her case in September last year when a judge ruled that the shopkeeper was liable for the accident, as the grapes had been on the ground long enough to have been trodden in and become slippery.

However, the shopkeeper challenged this decision at the Appeal Court in London, and a decision has just been reached. The shopkeeper’s legal team argued that his staff took all reasonable steps to keep the pavement clean. The judge though ruled that the original decision was correct and awarded just short of £112,000 compensation. The amount reflects the effect the injuries had on Mrs Hassan’s employment.

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