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£11Million Compensation Bill for Norfolk Authority

A total of £11 million compensation has been paid by Norfolk County Council after accidents on roads and pavements, it is being reported.

The Norwich Evening News reports the figures, which relate to the authority’s actions during the last five years. In total, 1,720 claims were made during this period, including some for instances such as a people tripping on a defective pavement.

The paper reports the figures that relate to the years between 2005 and 2011. They highlight that there was a peak in the number of claims being made by members of the general public in the years 2009 and 2010. This has been explained by severe winter weather during this period that caused damage to highway surfaces.

The largest most recent compensation payout by the council was to a woman who suffered fractured ribs in an accident. She tripped on a pavement crack in Great Yarmouth, and was subsequently awarded £63,633 compensation. This particular accident took place back in 2007.

These figures for Norfolk County Council come quickly after we reported similar figures for the city of Bradford yesterday. Bradford Council paid out £3.3 million compensation for road and pavement claims during the last three years.

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