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£150k Compensation for Greater Manchester Firefighters Hurt in Accidents

Firefighters with the Greater Manchester Fire Service, who have been injured in work accidents, have received a total of £150,000 compensation it is being reported.

The M.E.N. reports this figure after making a freedom of information request to Greater Manchester Fire Service (GMFS). This showed that 18 firefighters were awarded compensation between April and June this year after suffering injury in accidents at work. The accidents in question date back as far as 2007.

The cases reported are varied, and include that of one firefighter that was injured when water from a burst hose knocked him over during training. He suffered a serious knee injury and was awarded £20,000.

Other cases include that of a firefighter who was awarded £25,005 after falling into an inspection pit due to an unsafe bridge, and a firefighter who was awarded £5,000 after cutting his finger tendon on a defective glove.

In total, £150,000 was paid out between the 18 successful claims. There are reported to be another 18 claims from firefighters against the GMFS said to be ongoing.

A spokesperson for the force told the paper that there had been a 45% reduction in firefighter injuries since 2006.

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