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£15k Compensation for Asthma caused by Diesel Fumes

£15,000 compensation has been awarded to a man after exposure to dangerous fumes led to him suffering from asthma.

Leigh Payne was exposed to the fumes whilst working as a firefighter at Exeter and Devon Airport. The fumes in question were red diesel fumes that were emitted from vehicles such as power tugs. The fumes were unfiltered and would collect in the cargo holds of planes.

Mr Payne was exposed to these fumes for over two hours on many working days, whilst he removed post and baggage from planes. In 2010, he was confirmed as suffering from occupational asthma, and had to take a period of time off work because of it.

Medical professionals concluded that his asthma was caused by the exposure to diesel fumes, and the Wells Journal reports that he took legal action against the airport because of this.

The paper reports that he has now received £15,000 for his occupational asthma claim. The airport initially denied liability, but settled the case out of court after receiving evidence about the hazardous nature of the fumes.

Simple safety measures such as exhaust ducting could have prevented his over exposure to the fumes.

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