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£170k Compensation after Scout Leader Injures Back on Assault Course Pole

Compensation totalling £170,000 has been awarded to a scout leader who injured his back on a fireman’s pole at an assault course in Wales.

Scout leader, Robert Wilson, was injured whilst taking part on the Challenge Valley assault course at Clyne Farm Centre in August 2009. He had taken his troop to the centre but was injured when traversing down a 10 foot high fireman’s pole.

He landed at the bottom of the pole on his bottom and fractured a vertebra in his spine. He had to be airlifted to hospital where he underwent surgery.

Wales Online report that he made a claim for compensation against the centre, and a ruling in the case has just been made at court. The court heard how Mr Wilson had expressed reservations about going down the pole due to his weight and lack of fitness.

The judge in the case ruled that the instructor had not given adequate instructions on how to descend the pole safely in wet conditions. The judge rejected counter allegations that Mr Wilson was trying to show off in front of his troop.

It is reported that Mr Wilson will now receive compensation of nearly £170,000 for his injuries. This sum includes money to cover earnings that he lost due to the accident.

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