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£18k Compensation from Dentist after Tooth Infection

A teenager has received compensation of £18,000 after a dentist failed to diagnose a tooth infection.

Kimberley Wilson visited dentist Dr Syed Ahad at the Camphill Dental Practice in October 2009. The Coventry Telegraph reports the she visited Dr Ahad for a routine check up and received a filling in one of her teeth.

However, over the next months she experienced pain, getting so bad that in June the next year she had to visit the hospital and was unable to eat. Later that year she had an abscess in the tooth drained, before eventually having it taken out. Miss Wilson has been left with scarring on her neck from the work needed to treat her ailments.

The paper reports that Miss Wilson took legal action for the treatment she received, claiming it was dental negligence. Her team argued that the root of her tooth was infected, meaning that Dr Ahad should have performed root canal treatment. By missing this and placing a filling on top, he allegedly caused the infection to worsen.

It is reported that now Miss Wilson has been awarded £18,000 compensation despite the fact that Dr Ahad has neither admitted nor denied liability. The paper states that Dr Ahad no longer works at Camphill Dental Practice.

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