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£1m Compensation after Doctors “Miss” Meningitis

Over £1million in compensation has been awarded after doctors “missed” a case of meningitis that left a boy seriously injured.

The injured boy was just seven years old at the time of his illness in July 2002. He had told his parents he was suffering from backache and a general feeling of illness, and they decided to take him to the accident and emergency department of Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow, Essex.

However, medical staff at the hospital did not diagnose him as suffering from meningitis until early August, almost a week later. This was despite the boy having symptoms that a court heard should have rung alarm bells amongst staff. Such symptoms included a loss of power to his left leg and arm.

The illness caused the boy a catastrophic brain injury, which could have been prevented if he had been treated just 24 hours earlier.

The BBC reports that the hospital admitted liability for the incident back in 2009, and at a court hearing on Monday, they agreed to cover the cost of his care needs for the rest of his life. He will now receive a lump-sum medical negligence compensation payment, as well as annual payments for the rest of his life.

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