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£1m compensation claim payout for car crash victim

Marcus Jeffery a 23 year old trainee bricklayer from Cornwall has won a compensation claim payout of more than £1 million, for serious injuries that were suffered as the result of a road traffic accident.

In 2003 Mr Jeffrey then 16, was a passenger in the front when the driver lost control of the vehicle and overturned it several times.

Mr Jeffrey received life threatening injuries as a result of the road traffic accident that included a collapsed lung, factures to the spine and a complex brain injury, which was probably caused by a starvation of oxygen to the brain in the after effects of the crash. The full extent of the brain injury took some years to materialize.

Mr Jeffrey’s life was destroyed by the car crash and agreed to the final settlement and although the actually amounts have been undisclosed, Mr Jeffrey’s injuries are so severe that the compensation claim payout is said to be worth more than £1,000,000.

The judge told Mr Jeffrey “Whatever monies come to you will never compensate you for your injuries.

“What I hope that they will do is give you a decent quality of life and, within that life, a proper level of support.”

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