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£2.4 Million Compensation after Whiplash Injury Results in Stroke

A man, who suffered a stroke a month after being involved in a minor car crash, has been awarded £2.4million in compensation.

Robert Bright was involved in the crash back in 2008. He was travelling in his car along the M27, when a traffic jam brought his vehicle to a standstill. Unfortunately, another vehicle shunted into the back of his vehicle in a minor collision.

After the accident, Mr Bright and the driver of the other vehicle exchanged details before carrying on with their journey, as neither felt seriously injured.

Mr Bright had suffered a whiplash injury in the crash which was causing him neck pain and headaches. He tried to go with life as normal, convinced that his injuries would soon heal.

However, 34 days after the accident, Mr Bright woke up with the left side of his body numb and his speech slurred. He was given medical attention and was diagnosed as having suffered from a stroke. The stroke has affected his career and left him without the full use of his left arm.

The Evening Standard reports that he has now been awarded £2.43 million in compensation after a link between the accident and his stroke was proved. The insurers of the other vehicle accepted that the stroke was more than likely caused by the accident.

The whiplash injury he suffered in the crash is thought to have damaged the main artery that supplies blood to the brain. This in turn caused the stroke.

The compensation settlement will cover the cost of carers and help Mr Bright rebuild his life.

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