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£2 Million for Clinical Negligence Claim Compensation

Jonathon Khairule has won a landmark legal battle after taking to court the hospital where he was born. The 26 year old from Greater Manchester received £2 million pounds for his clinical negligence claim compensation. Mr Khairule has suffered from cerebral palsy since birth and discovered later in life that negligence in monitoring his foetal heart properly during birth could have resulted in a lack of oxygen, causing severe brain injuries. Mr Khairule’s case is unique, as before now birth injury compensation claims were only accepted if the claimant was between the ages of 18 and 21. He was given discretion by the court to make a claim.

Quadriplegic, Jonathon Khairule uses a specially adapted wheelchair incorporating a computer that he can use to speak and spell out words with using his nose. The compensation for clinical negligence will be used by Mr Khairule to improve his quality of life, including moving into a specially adapted home and funding his long-term care.

The 26 year old, who was born in Tameside General Hospital in 1981, settled out of court with NHS North West. Despite the settlement, the NHS trust still refuses liability for the case. An NHS North West spokeswoman stated, “The liability for his disability has remained firmly in dispute but a mutually acceptable compromise of the claim has been achieved.”

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