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£200,000 work injury claim for Pizza Express baker

Pizza Express worker files a work injury claim of £200,000 against the famous pizza chain after allegedly straining his back when lifting a box of dough balls.

It was heard in court that Inacio Guedes a former bakery supervisor of the famous chain, ‘felt his back go’ after he tried to pick up a box of frozen dough balls.

It was reported by the Daily Mail that in court he told of how the box had been filled with twice the normal amount of dough balls by a colleague. The dough balls are collected in a hopper before being put into boxes however the accident at work was caused when a colleague pushed the release button on the hopper twice and overloaded the box.

The box weighed around 30kg, and it is claimed that the employee had to lift boxes around 1,000 times a day, a figure that Pizza Express deny.

Since the accident at work, Mr Guedes has claimed that his life has changed considerably because of a back problem that has been getting worse and in 2008 had to undergo spinal fusion treatment that was unsuccessful.

The pizza chain have denied liability for the accident insisting that it didn’t happen and the injuries sustained by the employee are down to a previous condition, the employee denies making up the story and so the court battle continues.

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