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£3.3Million Paid Out in Claims after Slips in Bradford

£3.3million has been paid out by Bradford Council after people made claims for tripping or falling in the area.

The figures – reported in the Telegraph and Argus – reveal that 241 claims were successful in the past three years against the authority. These were made by people who had tripped on defective surfaces – such as roads or pavements- that are the responsibility of the council to maintain.

The figures highlight a rise in the total amount the council has paid for such incidents every year over the past three years. The reporting period runs yearly between October and the following September. Between 2009/10, the figure paid by the council amounted to £819,359. This rose to £1,013,452 in 2010/11 and £1,306,055 in 2011/12.

The high cost of claims last year can be partly accountable to one large claim for an incident that happened in 2003. For complex reasons, the case was not settled until July this year, with the claimant receiving close to £200,000 in compensation.

The number of successful pavement accident claims made against the authority during 2011/12 has dropped from the number in 2010/11. The number of incidents (just involving pavements) that resulted in compensation fell from 51 to 41.

A council worker stated to the paper that they have a robust inspection and repair regime for the area’s highways.

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