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£3.45 Million Medical Negligence Claim Victory for Brain-Damaged Woman

A woman left brain-damaged after surgery at a Hampshire Hospital has been awarded £3.45 million in her medical negligence claim.

Grannia East underwent surgery for gallstones at the Royal Haslar Hospital during 2001. During the procedure Ms East choked on her own vomit causing her to suffer a cardiac arrest. The lack of oxygen to her brain has left her in a wheelchair and suffering from memory problems.

The administrators of the hospital – The Ministry of Defence – forced the case to The High Court after denying liability for Ms East’s injuries. After a long battle over liability, she finally won her case on Monday. The amount of compensation awarded for her medical negligence claim was so large due to the severity of her injuries. The money will help provide for her ongoing care for the rest of her life, as well as adapting the family home to suit her changed needs. The Judge in the case praised the “astounding care, love and kindness” she has already received from her family.

Her husband Shawn East spoke of the result saying; “It means that we can now get on and adapt a property for Grannia that is a suitable place to care for her.”

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