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£3.5 million paid out after road claims for pothole problems

It’s been reported today that motorists in Northern Ireland are suffering from huge numbers of potholes on their roads.

More than £3.5million compensation has been paid out to road users affected by potholes, which have either caused personal injuries or damage to their motor vehicle.

However, the problem is not just confined to Northern Ireland. Motorists over England and Wales also have to suffer from damaged, defective roads on a daily basis.

Councils have a duty to maintain roads and to fix any potholes that may cause damage to you or your vehicle. If they have not done so, you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

Road maintenance is one of the most under-funded amenities in the country. Road networks currently need £1billion more funding every year than they currently do; a massive 50% under what is needed to create a totally safe driving experience.

As much of the population see the road network as a necessity to get to work everyday in order to earn a living for themselves and their families, the government and in turn local councils should look to make their maintenance a priority.

Currently, England’s roads are currently 11 years behind schedule, whilst Wales’ are 16 years from being at the standard they should be.

More than £50million is being paid out for those making personal injury compensation claims after driving over a pothole. Furthermore, £2.8billion is being spent by British motorists whose cars have been damaged through suspension failure – a total of a third of all mechanical issues.

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