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£300,000 claim for compensation for husbands death

Carolyn Corr, of Creekmoor has started a claim for compensation, which could run into millions for her husband who was killed in a horrific road traffic accident in April 2007.

Two drivers, Peter Bowyer and Graham Hooper were speeding along the A36 in Wiltshire bumper to bumper and overtaking each other in a reckless high speed race, when Mr Corr became the victim of the high speed race.

Mr Bowyer was jailed for six and a half years and banned from driving for seven years for causing death by dangerous driving. The other racer, Mr Hooper was also killed in the road traffic accident.

A writ has been issued against Mrs Hooper for a compensation claim of more than £300,000, by Mrs Corr.

The jury was told during Mr Bowyer’s trial that the two racers had been caught up in several incidents of dangerous and competitive driving. Although a procedural judge has been brought in to oversee the initial stages, date has yet to be set for the claim hearing.

Mr Corr and Mr Hooper, died at the scene of the road traffic accident and three others were injured. The police described Mr Corr as a completely innocent party.

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