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£300,000 Head Injury Claim from Pensioner Knocked Down by Car

An eighty year old woman has launched a head injury claim after being knocked over by a reversing car.

Joyce Howard was left with severe head injuries after Ms Monica Mirza reversed into her in Charing Cross Hospital car park. She was knocked to the floor and hit her head on the pavement. Ms Mirza’s car had been parked on double yellow lines when Mrs Howard was crossing the road behind her with the help of a friend. Despite her friends’ attempts to bang on the rear window to alert the driver to the danger, Ms Mirza continued to reverse. She was later banned from driving for 6 months and fined £100 for driving without due care and attention.

Mrs Howard suffered a fractured skull in the incident and spent 6 weeks in hospital recovering, including a surgical procedure. She is likely to require care for the rest of her life. The injury has caused her to suffer memory loss, fatigue and headaches. She has also lost hearing in her left ear, and lost her sense of smell.

Mrs Howard is now making a head injury claim against Ms Mirza. It is thought that she is looking for compensation in the region of £300,000, although the case is still in the very early stages and could take over a year to settle.

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