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£300k Compensation Sought after Theatre Employee Injured Moving Speakers

A man, who was injured whilst moving speakers as part of his job at a theatre company, is reported to be seeking up to £300,000 in compensation.

Philip Martin was employed by the Natural Theatre Company in Bath at the time of the accident. He was moving two large speakers – which weighed over 60kg – when the incident happened in October 2009.

The speakers were on top of a homemade trolley which was being used to transport the speakers around the company’s premises in Bath. The trolley had no handles to help its manoeuvrability.

As Mr Martin tried to move the trolley and speakers out of a goods lift he felt the onset of back pain. He sought the advice of his doctor, who prescribed him painkillers and arranged for physiotherapy sessions. However, just a few months later, Mr Martin was rushed to hospital after he was unable to get up off the floor.

At hospital they discovered that he had suffered a compression injury to his spine. He underwent surgery, but his life has been changed immensely by the injury. He now requires a wheelchair or a Zimmer frame for mobility.

The Bath Chronicle reports that he is now making a spinal injury claim against the theatre company. His legal team is said to be arguing that numerous health and safety breached led to his injury, and are seeking compensation of between £200,000 and £300,000.

The case is reported to be ongoing.

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