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£35k Compensation after Gastric Band Surgery Error

Compensation totalling £35,000 has been awarded after mistakes were made during a gastric band procedure.

Rachel Benefer underwent surgery at Hull and East Riding Classic Hospital back in 2007. She had struggled to lose weight due to health problems. After a long time waiting, she was reffered for gastric band surgery.

The procedure was performed via keyhole surgery and appeared to go well. However, after she was discharged, it quickly became apparent that something had gone wrong.

She was in intense pain and was taken to intensive care where she spent two weeks, and was later induced into a coma. In total, she was in hospital for five weeks and had to undergo further operations.

She suffered numerous health complications, including acute peritonitis. The Grimsby Telegraph reports that the problems occurred due to the surgeon failing to close up one of the small incisions used for the entry of the surgical equipment.

The paper also reports that she has now received £35,000 compensation for the surgical error she suffered.

Mrs Benefer is quoted as warning people of the risks and complications possible from gastric bypass surgery.

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