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£4.3m Compensation Bill for Ipswich Hospital in the Last Year

Mistakes and negligence by staff at Ipswich Hospital have resulted in compensation of £4.3m being paid out in the last year, it is being reported.

The Ipswich Star reveals that in total, £4,354,000 was paid out in the reporting period between 2011 and 2012 after compensation claims were made by patients (or relatives of patients) that were injured by medical negligence at the hospital.

The figure reported is a 167% increase on the figure for the same reporting period the previous year between 2010 and 2011. During this time, over £1,600,000 compensation was paid for claims relating to the hospital.

Five claims that were made during the last year are all reported to be in regards to the obstetrics department of the facility. Mistakes made during a child’s birth can cause serious birth injuries that result in large compensation payments to cover the cost of ongoing care.

The claims are not paid out by the hospital directly, but by the NHS Litigation Authority, to which NHS Trusts pay a premium depending on their safety rating.

A spokesperson for Ipswich Hospital told the newspaper that only a small number of claims were made against the maternity unit each year.

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