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£4Million Claim after Paramedic Loses Leg in Motorbike Accident

A compensation claim that could total £4.65million is underway after a paramedic lost his leg in a motorbike accident.

The accident happened to John Brown back in 2007. He was riding his bike along Walsall Road in Walsall, when a van turned right into his path.

The van and the bike collided, and his left leg was caught between the two vehicles. This caused his leg to be cut off at the thigh. An off-duty policeman, who happened to be passing the scene at the time of the accident, saved Mr Brown’s life by preventing catastrophic blood loss.

Now, the Express and Star are reporting that he is making a compensation claim against the insurers of the van. They have already admitted liability for the incident but are contesting the amount of compensation due.

A hearing at the High Court in London has heard that Mr Brown is seeking a £4.65million settlement. This is said to include £700,000 for an adapted motorbike, £700,000 for an adapted house, £300,000 for prosthetics and £500,000 for lost earnings. Before the crash, Mr Brown worked as a motorbike paramedic but had to give up that job. He now works as a voluntary driver.

The insurance company dispute the amount sought, insisting that Mr Brown is only due £1.6million.

The hearing is ongoing.

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