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£4million Compensation Payout for Doctors’ Misdiagnosis Medical Negligence Claims

The victims of a Doctor who misdiagnosed patients with epilepsy have won a combined figure of £4,000,000 in medical negligence claims compensation. Dr Andrew Halton worked at the Leicester Royal Infirmary between 1990 and 2001 before being suspended after a series of complaints were made against him. Six hundred and eighteen of these complaints relating to misdiagnosis of epilepsy in children were later upheld at an inquiry into his work.

In this large scale case of clinical misdiagnosis, many children were put on a cocktail of anti-convulsant drugs when in reality they were suffering from trivial conditions such as headaches not epilepsy. The drugs allegedly turned the children into “zombies”, causing them side effects such as black-outs and hazes. One hundred and five compensation payouts have already been settled with more expected. The amounts of compensation awarded vary from a few thousand pounds to £240,000. One example case is that of Jill Foreman, whose son Alex was diagnosed with epilepsy by Dr Halton and put on strong medication. The drugs had serious side-effects on Alex, while later it was discovered he was actually suffering from Autism and not epilepsy.

A figure of £4.4 million has been paid out in compensation already, but with 89 medical negligence claims still to be settled this figure could nearly double.

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