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£5,000 compensation claim awarded to cyclist after crash with temporary road sign

A £5,000 compensation claim payout has been awarded to a cyclist who was injured after he crashed into a temporary road works sign.

Roger Excell a machine engraver from Bournemouth, was cycling to work at Nuffield Industrial Estate in the rain at about 5:15am in August 2007, when he crashed into a temporary road works sign.

Mr Excell claims that the sign was unlit and blocking the cycle path he was using to cycle to work. Although he had a strong lamp on his bicycle he said he did not see the sign until it was too late.

The cyclist split his helmet in two, was knocked out, tore open his elbow and tore tendons and muscles in his legs and groin preventing him from walking properly for weeks.

Mr Excell said: “The money side of it doesn’t really bother me. I just wanted Poole council to be punished by the court and the judge made it extremely clear that they have to protect cyclists and other path users.”

Mr Excell, who is a registered carer for his wife, who has arthritis, added: “I spent a day in hospital, three weeks on a zimmer frame and 10 weeks using walking sticks. I also had to have a brain scan.

“I was off work for a week. My wife who is disabled, had to wash me and do all the shopping which put her through pain and discomfort.”

The hearing was held at Bournemouth County Court, and the Judge awarded Mr Excell a £5,000 compensation claim payout as well as ordering the Borough of Poole to pay £8,099 in costs.

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