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£500,000 Cancer Misdiagnosis Compensation for Lincolnshire Woman

A Lincolnshire woman has received £500,000 cancer misdiagnosis compensation after screening failed to alert her to her cervical cancer.

Thirty one year old mother Sam Burn was screened for the disease in 2001, but due to an error was not told about the disease for a further three years. She subsequently had to undergo more aggressive treatment and this has left her infertile, with mobility problems and in constant pain.

Ms Burn spoke of her anger at the error saying; “I am on a lot of pain medication but sometimes it is so bad my husband has to lift me into the bath or into bed.”

She also regretted the fact that although Peterborough and Stamford Trust had apologised for the error, they still had not explained just exactly how an error like that could take place.

A spokesperson for the NHS Trust stated; “The trust deeply regrets the errors in reporting Samantha’s cervical smear test in 2001 and formally apologised to Samantha.” They also went on to say that such incidences are rare and that procedures had been reviewed to ensure such mistakes don’t happen again.

The exact amount of cancer misdiagnosis compensation has not been revealed although it is believed to be in the region of £500,000. The figure is thought to be high due to the inability of Ms Burns to have anymore children.

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