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£50,0000 claim for compensation for Tyneside nurse after MRSA wrecks career

A nurse from Tyneside will make a claim for compensation after he contracted MRSA in the hospital in which he worked.

Mark Thompson will make a claim for £50,000 against the Greater Glasgow and Clyde NHS Trust after falling ill with the flesh-eating bug.

He has described the effects of contracting MRSA as an event which has ‘completely destroyed his health.’

Mr Thompson has said that the wards he worked on were ‘dirty’, and that he picked up the infection after grazing his shin whilst moving hospital beds around.

Following his illness he was off work for one year and fears that his hospital career could be over after his immune system was compromised.

He said: “The graze got infected and tested positive for MRSA. I had four flare-ups. In the end I was hospitalised twice and my health has been so badly compromised with MRSA, I’ll probably never be able to work in a hospital or nursing home again.”

A spokesman for the Glasgow NHS Trust said: “Infection control at all our hospitals is one of our highest priorities. We have introduced a range of measures to drive down infection rates.”

Mr Thompson’s claim for compensation will be considered in the near future.

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