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£50k Compensation for Nurse after Curtain Incident

A nursing auxiliary, who was injured in an incident involving heavy ward curtains, is reported to have received £50,000 compensation.

Linda Mitchell worked as a nursing auxiliary at Belhaven Ward of Belford Hospital when the accident happened in September 2008. In the course of her normal duties, she went to pull the heavy fully lined ward curtains.

However, the curtains jammed as she was pulling them and would not move. She then tugged at the curtains but suffered a wrenching injury to her neck and shoulders in doing so. The injuries have left her unable to return to work.

Lochaber News reports that Ms Mitchell then made a work accident claim against the NHS Trust that runs the hospital. Her legal team argued that the complaints had been made previously about the curtains by Ms Mitchell’s colleagues who had come across similar issues. They argued that had the Trust acted on these complaints then Ms Mitchell’s injuries would not have happened.

The legal team representing the health trust denied responsibility, arguing that the curtains were not defective. Despite continuing to deny liability, they offered to settle the case for £25,000. This figure was rejected but a subsequent offer of £50,000 has just been accepted.

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