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£550k Compensation for Postal Worker who Broke both Legs

A postal worker, who broke both legs in an accident, is reported to have received £550,000 compensation.

Andrew Hutcheson was injured whilst at work for Parcel Force last November. He was stood at the back of his van sorting our parcels.

The accident occurred when his van was hit by another vehicle that was travelling along the road as he was stood by the van. The collision crushed both of Mr Hutcheson’s legs, causing multiple breaks in both limbs. He was rushed to hospital, where he spent the next three months recovering.

The Cambridge News reports that the injuries he suffered will leave him with a permanent disability. At the moment, his mobility is hampered and he can only walk a few steps using a walking frame. He has been told by medical staff that they will not know how much movement he will regain in his legs for at least another year.

Now, it is being reported that Mr Hutcheson has received £550,000 compensation for his injuries. The money will be used to move him and his wife from their second floor flat to a home more suitable to their needs.

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