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£5k Compensation after Cycle Accident at Roundabout

A man is reported to have received £5,000 compensation after being injured in a cycle accident at a roundabout.

Steven Rhodes was out cycling with a friend in Chorley, Lancashire when the accident happened. The keen cyclists were in training for taking part in the public leg of the Tour de France this year.

The ‘Etape du Tour’ is a special cycle stage set up for the public to take part in during the famous sporting event. However, Mr Rhodes’ dream of taking part in this experience was soon to end.

He was struck by a car at a roundabout in Chorley. The impact caused him to go straight over the bonnet and onto the roof of the vehicle.

He was injured in the crash and had to undergo a course of physiotherapy. His bike is also thought to have been damaged in the collision.

The Lancashire Telegraph reports that he has now received compensation of £4,828 after making a claim against the insurers of the vehicle.

The spot where Mr Rhodes’ accident took place is reportedly within just a couple of miles of where Tour de France winner Bradley Wiggins was injured in a crash recently.

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