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£5m Compensation Paid to Crime Victims in Hampshire Last Year

Criminal injury compensation totalling £5million was paid to victims of crime in Hampshire last year, it is being reported.

The Southern Daily Echo reports that the figure was paid out by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA), who pays compensation to people who are innocent victims of violent crime, such as assaults. Payments range from £1,000 to £500,000.

The figures show that the amount of compensation paid in Hampshire has risen in the last ten years. In the 2001/02 reporting year, £2million was paid out, compared to the £5million in 2011/12. In total, £37million has been paid out during the last decade.

The paper reports that the way the scheme works is set to be discussed by politicians next week, with any changes taking place within the month. The controversial planned changes could see payments reduced for ‘temporary’ injuries and some serious injuries in an effort to cut costs and reduce the deficit by the Government.

Such changes have been criticised by a union that represents shop workers (USDAW), who state that members that make a claim after being attacked in their shops would be affected.

Over £200million is spent every year by the Government on the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme, which is administered by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority.

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