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£7k Compensation for Dad Assaulted trying to take Baby Daughter Home

A dad, who was assaulted by security staff as he tried to take his baby daughter home from hospital, has reportedly received £7k compensation.

David Fish and his wife Beverley were injured in the incident that took place in March 2008. Their daughter Ellie-Suzanne was born prematurely in September 2007, weighing just 1lb 4oz.

Ellie-Suzanne was given just a 10% chance of survival after her birth, and spent the next six months in intensive care at Southmead Hospital. After this, she was transferred to Bristol Children’s Hospital, where she underwent a stomach operation.

After surgery at Bristol Children’s Hospital, the couple were told by a consultant that they could take Ellie-Suzanne home for the night. They were keen to do so as it would have been the first night she had spent away from hospital.

However, this decision was not agreed with by another consultant, and security staff tried to stop the family as they left the hospital. It is then that the Bristol Post reports that the alleged assault took place.

Four security guards allegedly stopped them, with both Mr and Mrs Fish suffering injuries. Police were called and photographs of the injuries were taken. However, both Mr and Mrs Fish spent the night in a police cell before being cautioned for a public order offence. They were then stopped from visiting their daughter for two weeks.

The paper reports that the couple made a claim of assault against the NHS staff. The NHS Litigation Authority has confirmed that the case was investigated and admitted. It is being reported that compensation of £7,000 has now been paid.

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