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£800k Compensation for Teaching Assistant who Tripped Over Wheelchair

A teaching assistant, who was injured when they tripped over a wheelchair, is reported to have received compensation of £800,000.

The Lancashire Evening Post is reporting the settlement figure after they made a Freedom of Information Request to Lancashire County Council. At the time of the incident, the claimant was working as a teaching assistant at one of the schools in the county. They allegedly tripped over the waist strap of a wheelchair and fell over.

The teaching assistant suffered a serious elbow injury in the accident. This elbow injury led to her developing reflex sympathetic dystrophy, a malfunction of the nervous system. The condition can cause acute pain and other problems in sufferers.

In total, there were 12 successful claims made against the council by school staff that had been involved in accidents at work. This resulted in a bill to the authority amounting to £1.3million.

A different case saw a teacher receive £42,000 compensation after they suffered concussion from an accident involving a defective door. Another teacher received £10,000 after suffering tinnitus caused by a megaphone.

A spokesperson for the council told the paper that they are vigilant and work with schools to improve health and safety.

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