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£9.5k Fine after Machine Accident Results in Arm Amputation

A fine totalling £9,500 has been handed out after a factory machine accident resulted in a man having his arm amputated.

Justin Guiney suffered the devastating injury whilst at work at Clarehill Plastics factory premises in Co. Armagh. On the day of the incident, he was carrying out unplanned maintenance work on one of the machines. The machine in question was a rotational moulding device used in the manufacture of plastics.

It is reported that the accident happened when some of Mr Guiney’s clothing became caught between two gear wheels on the machine. This resulted in him suffering a serious arm injury, and having the limb amputated.

The investigation into the incident by the HSENI, found that the safety guards of the machine had been removed a few months before the accident, and had not been replaced.

Last week, the company pleaded guilty to breaking health and safety regulations. They were fined £8,000 and made to pay court costs of £1,500.

An inspector with the HSENI stated that all maintenance work must be properly planned and supervised to avoid injury.

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