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£90m paid out in three years by Wales NHS for Medical Negligence Injury Claims

Over the last three years the Wales NHS trust has been forced to payout over £90m in medical negligence injury claims compensation to patients who have suffered personal injury through medical negligence.

The list of medical negligence injury claims caused by the NHS trust included brain injuries, injuries caused by mistakes at birth, surgical errors, poor treatments and misdiagnosis.

Various different payments were paid to patients in Wales, over 70 payouts for medical negligence injury claims were over £250,000. There were 15 payments of over £1m and there was a payout said to be the highest ever of £11.8m which was awarded after doctors failed to identify abnormalities during a birth. The figures do not include payments to patients made over the duration of their lives in which the figures were in the hundreds of thousands of pounds.

It has been said by various solicitors that the large compensation claim payouts were necessary in order to aid the victims and families of victims of medical negligence, cover the costs of care, special vehicles and equipment, loss of earnings and even to purchase new homes to make their lives easier.

The Welsh health board compared the thousands of successfully treated patients to the serious medical negligence cases and said that lessons were learnt from every case and that in comparison to each other the amount of clinical incidents was very small.

They also said due to the devastating nature on a child’s quality of life, no amount of money could ever compensation that.

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