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£9k Compensation after Dentist Removes Healthy Tooth

Compensation of £9,000 has been awarded after a dentist removed a patient’s healthy tooth by mistake.

James Lacey visited his dentist after suffering with tooth pain. The dentist identified that three teeth needed removing under sedation. He subsequently referred Mr Lacey to the Manchester Dental Hospital, where he could undergo the procedure.

Mr Lacey underwent the procedure at the hospital in August last year. However, soon afterwards he noticed a problem. The wrong tooth had been removed by the dentists whilst he was under sedation. This error left him with a bill of £2,200 for a new implant crown.

The Manchester Evening News is reporting that Mr Lacey has now received £9,000 compensation for dental negligence in regards to the incident. Staff at the hospital admitted that mistakes in their records meant that a tooth was removed from the lower left side of Mr Lacey’s mouth instead of the lower right side.

The Central Manchester University Hospital NHS Trust – who are responsible for the dental hospital – are reported to have settled the case out of court. A spokesperson for the Trust offered their sincere apologies to Mr Lacey. It was also noted that measures have been taken by the Trust to ensure a similar mistake can’t happen again in the future.

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