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£9k Compensation after Trip Over a Mop

A council worker, who was injured when they tripped over a mop, is reported to have received £9,000 in compensation.

The worker was employed by Rotherham Council at the time of the incident. The accident happened when they tripped over the handle of a mop and fell to the ground. They damaged groin muscles in the fall and were awarded just over £9,000 as a result.

The case is reported by the Daily Mail after they performed a Freedom of Information Request. This revealed that the authority had paid out approximately £1m in compensation since 2007. This went to workers who had been injured in incidents including slip, trip and fall accidents.

In other notable cases, an admin assistant received over £14,000 compensation after being injured tripping over a dining table leg. A worker who was injured when they fell into a hidden garden pond in a council house garden received £10,450 compensation for the injuries they suffered.

Rotherham Council also paid out over £184,000 split between 12 road maintenance workers, who had developed hand arm vibration syndrome problems from prolonged use of vibrating machinery.

A spokesperson for the council told the paper that each claim made is taken on merit, with compensation paid when the council is legally liable.

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