Accident at the Hotel such as Slips and Trips

These types of accidents can result in injuries that range from a twisted ankle, to a broken leg, right up to fatalities.

Under the Package Holiday Regulations, the Tour Operator will be responsible for the failings of a hotel since they have chosen to send you to that resort. The usual defence made by the Tour Operator is one which requires us to prove that the hotel has fallen below the standard applicable in the Country where the hotel is situated, for example if the accident occurred at a hotel in Greece, it will be the Greek standards which will be referred to. This is where our numerous contacts come into play.  We are able to obtain reports from around the world in order to support our argument that there has been a breach by the hotel and therefore by the Tour Operator.

For an accident claim to be successful, photographs of the location are extremely helpful along with confirmation as to when the photographs were taken. Witnesses to the accident are also of great assistance along with any evidence that the accident was reported to the Tour Rep or hotel.

The amount of compensation awarded to you still falls under English Law which is generally more than if you were claiming under foreign law. The claim will also take into account the loss of enjoyment of your holiday the level of which will vary depending on a number of factors including what day of the holiday you got had the accident, the severity of the injury and whether or not the holiday was for a special occasion.

Here at Amanda Cunliffe Solicitors we believe that you should rightly expect a holiday free from injury and should be able to enjoy your break to its fullest. We can represent you to ensure that you receive the compensation that you are entitled to in the most efficient way possible.

What could your claim be worth?