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Accidents at Work Cost Councils £75 Million in Compensation

A freedom of information request has revealed that councils throughout the United Kingdom have paid out almost £75 million in accident at work compensation, over the last five years.

Since 2006 UK councils have paid out a total of £74.6 million in compensation, after 7,500 of their employees were injured at work, however this figure could be a lot higher as 20% of councils did not submit any figures.

The claims included a Lancashire County Council employee who was awarded £5,500 for a back injury, while another worker whose foot was injured by a dropped pool table received £7,500.

Some of the higher amounts of compensation awarded, included £16,800 to a council worker attacked by a dog and a council in Northern Ireland paid £16,549 in compensation to an employee who suffered cuts and bruises after falling into a skip.

Birmingham City Council paid out the most accident at work compensation over the five year period, which amounted to £4.9 million which covered 274 claims.

Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council paid £3 million to 152 injured employees, closely followed by Manchester City Council who awarded council workers a total of £2.6 million.

In all 348 councils across the UK supplied figures, with fifty councils claiming that they had not paid any compensation to employees at all.

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