Accidents on boats/cruises

These types of accidents are directed against the Cruise Operator rather than the Package Holiday Provider. For these claims your cruise does not have to form part of a Package.

These claims are brought under the Athens Convention and have a 2 year limitation period so it is essential that you contact us at Amanda Cunliffe Solicitors urgently if you have a claim following an accident or illness on a boat.

In relation to accident on boats, any evidence of you reporting the incident, photographs or details of witnesses will all be of great assistance in bringing a claim.

These types of accidents can result in injuries that range from a twisted ankle, to a broken leg, right up to fatalities. The compensation that you are entitled to in relation to your injuries is assessed under English Law. The claim will also take into account the loss of enjoyment of your holiday, the amount of which will depend on what day during your holiday the accident occurred on, the severity of the injury and how restricted the injury leaves you.

Here at Amanda Cunliffe Solicitors we believe that you should rightly expect to be able to take a cruise, free from injury. We can represent you to ensure that you receive the compensation that you are entitled to in the most efficient way possible.   

What could your claim be worth?