Accidents on Planes/in Airports

These types of claims are directed against the Airline rather than the Tour Operator who has arranged the Package Holiday. For these claims, your flight does not have to form part of a Package.

These claims are brought under the Montreal Convention which states that the Airline is strictly liable for accidents on board the aircraft or in the airport (within certain perimeters). This means that as long as we can show that an ‘accident’ has taken place, we do not need to show that the Defendant is to blame. Your injury could even be as a result of a fellow passengers actions.

Unfortunately in light of the above this does mean that the limitation for bringing a claim under this convention is restricted to 2 years, so if you have had an accident on a plane or in any airport, please contact us here at Amanda Cunliffe Solicitors urgently. It also means that the type of injury is restricted and claims for Psychological injury are not permitted.

In relation to claims for accidents in the airport, this can be any airport in the world as long as you were in the process of embarking or disembarking. This can include anything from check in onwards as long as you were heading ultimately towards the boarding gate.

The compensation that you are entitled to in relation to your injuries is assessed under English Law. The claim will also take into account the loss of enjoyment of your holiday if the accident occurred on your flight to your holiday destination.

Here at Amanda Cunliffe Solicitors we believe that you should rightly expect to be able to take a flight, free from injury. We can represent you to ensure that you receive the compensation that you are entitled to in the most efficient way possible.

What could your claim be worth?