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Actor suffers medical negligence after mis-diagnosis of cancer not revealed for three years

An actor who a became victim of medical negligence after being mis-diagnosed with cancer was not informed of the mistake for three years it has been revealed.

Furthermore, ex-Coronation Street star Ken Cope was banned from his GP surgery after making a complaint about the medical mistake.

Mr Cope was diagnosed in 2000 with mesothelioma, and was lead to believe that this would result in his death. However, it was found that he had been misdiagnosed, and his specialist cancer doctor wrote to his GP to inform them.

However, Mr Cope did not find out for another three years; still believing that he had the cancer throughout this time. He only found out after demanding to see his medical records, which contained the letter giving the all-clear.

After finding out, he went back to his GP, Dr John Searson in the hope that he would receive an apology. However, instead he was ‘fobbed off’ and struck off the surgery’s patient list after being accused of verbal abuse.

Mr Cope told the Daily Mail: “I went to see Doctor Searson in good faith, hoping to resolve the matter. But when I tackled him about it he slumped back in his chair and told me that he knew I didn’t have cancer three years ago.”

Despite possibly being legible for medical negligence compensation, he added: “I don’t want compensation but I do want them to admit their mistakes and to learn from them.”

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