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Agency Worker Injured at Engine Part Firm

An agency worker was injured at an engine part manufacturing firm in an accident involving unguarded machinery.

The man was working as a trainee operator on the date of the accident in October 2010. He was on the premises of Mahle Engine Systems UK Ltd in Kilmarnock.

When the incident occurred, he was using a running mill and was trying to free a strip of metal that had become trapped. Whilst he was doing this, his glove became caught in the nip of the machine and his hand was subsequently pulled between two rollers.

The crush from the rollers caused him to suffer two broken fingers. He also required surgery to repair damage to the tissue on three of his digits.

The accident to the worker was investigated by the Health and Safety Executive who found that although the man was aware of the risk of the nip points he thought the danger was not present because the running mill had been turned off. However, the rollers on the machine were powered separately.

At the start of this week, Mahle Engine Systems UK Ltd were fined £8,000 for breaking the Health and Safety at Work Act. It was found that the firm did not do a sufficient risk assessment, provide necessary information for the job, nor fit a guard to prevent access to the rollers.

It is reported that improvements have now been made at the site, including new safety guards on the rolling mills.

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