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Aircraft Painter Injured Falling through Scaffold Board

An aircraft painter from Essex was injured when he fell through a scaffold board in a work accident.

The unnamed 37 year old was working as a self-employed aircraft painter at the time of the accident in January last year. He was working at the Air Livery in Essex, where scaffolding had been erected around one craft so that work could be carried out on it.

The painter was on the lower level of the scaffolding structure when he stepped onto a wooden board. This broke underneath him, and he fell to the ground below.

The man suffered back and knee injuries in the two metre fall, which took a couple of months to recover from.

The incident was investigated by the Health and Safety Executive, who found that the scaffold had been erected by DSJ Scaffolding Ltd. They also discovered that the wooden board that gave way was in a significantly deteriorated condition when the structure was erected, and should not have been used.

Yesterday, DSJ Scaffolding Ltd pleaded guilty at Southend Magistrates’ Court to breaking health and safety regulations in regards to the accident. They were fined £4,000.

A spokesperson for the HSE stated that the wooden board was visibly damaged before it gave way, and an alternative should have been used by the firm.

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