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Ambulance Man Seeks £60,000 Compensation for Work Injury

An ambulance worker, injured while trying to lift a patient who had suffered a cardiac arrest, is seeking £60,000 in accident at work compensation.

Fifty seven year old Paul De Lara and a colleague, had made an early morning emergency call to the home of an elderly patient, thought to be suffering from a cardiac arrest.

After successfully resuscitating and stabilising the patient, who was discovered in an upstairs bedroom, the decision was made to transfer the victim to the local hospital.

Unfortunately the narrow staircase at the property, which was also blocked by a stuck stair-lift, proved to be a major obstacle in moving the patient, so a second ambulance crew was called for and a special lifting chair requested.

As the ambulance crews attempted to manoeuvre the chair around the stair-lift Mr. De Lara fell over heavily onto his ankle and severely ruptured a ligament, which kept him off work for almost eight months.

The ambulance technician has now launched an accident at work compensation claim against his employers, claiming that he had not received any formal training in using the lifting chair.

A spokesperson for the ambulance service stated that it would be inappropriate to comment on an ongoing legal matter.

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