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Amputee Butcher Wins Amputation Compensation Claim

A butcher from Rochester has been awarded a quarter of a million pounds after an amputation compensation claim against the NHS.

Ian Watts suffers from diabetes, and was admitted to hospital with an infection in his little toe in 2004. He was taken to Medway Maritime Hospital in Kent where he suffered from a series of medical mistakes.

KoS media newspaper group is reporting that Ian had developed an ulcer on his toe, and medical staff said the only solution was to amputate it. Despite this amputation his left foot developed severe pain and its condition worsened. Staff then took the decision to amputate his left leg below the knee. After this operation he developed an ulcer on his right foot, and was told that this would be amputated too. This time however, a second opinion was sought and a lengthy operation managed to save the foot.

Mr Watts alleged that a series of errors led to him losing his left leg. He also claimed that errors led to him nearly losing his right foot. These errors include not monitoring his diabetes and blood sugar levels adequately, and failing to examine his right leg.

The amputation has had a great effect on Mr Watts’s quality of life, and he sued Medway NHS Trust for compensation. After a lengthy battle, the Trust has settled out of court, with Mr Watts receiving £250,000 in compensation.

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