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Apprentice Welder Loses Finger Tip in Work Accident

A teenage welding apprentice had to have part of his index finger amputated, after becoming trapped in a metal bending machine.

Eighteen year old Martin Kennedy, was working for Capitol Reinforcements (Ireland) Ltd, on work experience as part of his apprenticeship, when his left hand became trapped in an unguarded ‘nip point’ on the metal working machine.

The Belfast Telegraph newspaper is reporting that Mr. Kennedy had to have the top third of his left index finger amputated as a result of the industrial accident.

Belfast Crown Court was told that the teenage apprentice had only received thirty minutes training on the machine and the potentially dangerous ‘nip point’ had not been guarded, a health and safety inspection also revealed that a brick had been placed on a safety device to keep the machine constantly running.

Capitol Reinforcement (Ireland) Ltd was fined £12,500 after admitting three breaches of the Health and Safety at Work Act. However since the accident the company has improved its training procedures and now employs a full-time health and safety official.

Many employees who are injured by inadequately guarded machinery are often entitled to make an accident at work compensation claim.

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