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Argos Warehouse Worker Wins Compensation for Industrial Deafness

A warehouse worker for the catalogue giants Argos has won an industrial deafness claim for compensation after suffering permanent hearing loss at work.

The Manchester Evening News is reporting that Tony Greatorex worked in the Argos Direct warehouse in Trafford Park, Manchester. His job involved unloading pallets from the back of lorries arriving at the depot, by using a battery operated ‘pump truck’. The combination of noises in the warehouse was extremely loud. As well as the noise of the truck, there was noise as the vehicle travelled over a metal bridge to get to the trucks, and even more noise coming from the rattling of metal carrying cases.

Workers in the warehouse were given no protection against hearing loss until the summer of 2007. Unfortunately, this protection came too late for Mr Greatorex. He noticed a buzzing and ringing in his ears and went to see a doctor about it. His GP diagnosed him with tinnitus, caused by his loud working conditions. The forty six year old will require hearing aids for the rest of his life.

Mr Greatorex made a compensation claim against Argos, and they admitted liability for his hearing loss. They agreed to pay him £12,000 in compensation for his condition, which includes a portion of money to buy the hearing aids which can improve his life.

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