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Arm Injury Compensation Claims

Arm Injury CompensationSuffering any kind of arm injury can affect your quality of life greatly. Most basic tasks are extremely difficult without the use of one or both arms. For example, tasks such as cooking, lifting and getting dressed can become impossible unaided. Many people feel comforted by making an arm injury compensation claim after suffering such an injury.

The arm is a complex structure consisting of bones, muscles, nerves and blood vessels.  Anatomically speaking the word arm is used to describe the section between the shoulder and the elbow joint, although the word is now used more generally to include the forearm section (from the elbow to the wrist) of the body as well.

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There are many different injuries that can affect the arm, some of which are shown below.

Arm injuries can occur in many different situations. Most commonly we see arm injuries caused in car and road traffic accidents as well as accidents at work. In both of these situations if the accident was not your fault you are entitled to make an arm injury claim for compensation.

Some injuries such as dermatitis and carpal tunnel syndrome can be caused by conditions in the workplace, and as such, if your employer lets these develop, they may have to pay you compensation.


Broken arm compensation

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