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Arson attack victim awarded £500,000 CICA criminal compensation

A victim of an arson attack has been awarded £500,000 criminal compensation.

The award from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) is the largest possible payout the government funded organisation can give to victims injured in an act of crime.

In a fire that killed his girlfriend Kerry Youngs, Kevin Chapple suffered serious brain damage from breathing in large amounts of the poisonous fumes created. He now requires around-the-clock care and nursing support.

Two teenagers arrested for the arson were trialled for murder earlier this year, though they were both cleared of all charges.

A criminal compensation claim was made to the CICA by Mr Chapple’s family, who will now be responsible for ensuring he his cared for in the long term. In a rare case outcome, the maximum payment tier was awarded following his horrific ordeal and subsequent injuries.

Mr Chapple’s sister Tracey said: “We’re delighted at the CICA’s decision and we’re relieved that this process is over. The money will go toward helping Kevin in the years to come. Not enough people are aware of the CICA and we’d encourage anyone who is a victim of crime to approach them.”

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